Southwest Concrete Paving Co

About Southwest Concrete Paving Co

Southwest Concrete Paving Co. (SWCP) is a relatively new, but valuable addition to the Heavy Construction Sector.  SWCP’s successful inception in 2008 led to significant growth in 2009 and has set the foundation for continued success as a viable business unit in the Heavy Construction marketplace. SWCP prides itself on quality work and performance of complex and challenging jobs.  We are staffed with talented, hardworking, and dedicated personnel whose expertise in Heavy Construction has rendered the company successful over the course of the last eight years.  SWCP is staffed with safety professionals whose focus is on ensuring that SWCP meets and exceeds its safety goals through the implementation of training, data compilation, and the expeditious resolution of deficiencies. While safety is top priority, our team also consists of experienced management, marketing and business development professionals, and project personnel. While the economic downturn may have resulted in budgetary cuts to training and mentoring for many companies, SWCP has been steadfast in maintaining ongoing training and mentorship for its project engineers, superintendents, operators, finishers, and laborers.

SWCP has capitalized on the opportunity to expand its efforts to acquire work in the Federal Market, Alternative Project Delivery Method projects, Joint Venture opportunities, as well as the CM/GC projects. Making entry into these markets has provided SWCP with the opportunity to contend with its competitors and complete successful work for various federal agencies throughout the Western and Southwestern United States. Additionally, SWCP has aspirations of expanding beyond concrete paving work, and in preparation for doing so it has expanded its staff to accommodate the acquisition of varied construction projects.  SWCP, although a relatively new company, has the depth and knowledge among its top level employees that equates to several decades of experience in not only concrete work but a myriad of other construction types.  SWCP is highly qualified to complete the most difficult of concrete tasks including but not limited to, concrete paving, slip form barrier rails, curbs and gutters, shotcrete, bridge work, and box culverts. 

SWCP not only possesses the manpower to undergo concrete projects involving structural concrete work and road safety enhancement, but it also owns and operates the equipment necessary in tackling this type of work. The SWCP team has accomplished a great deal in its lifetime thus far, and it is a company poised with the promise of longevity and continued success. However, SWCP also prides itself on never overlooking the value of providing stellar work product and genuine customer service.

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